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​be unique, live conscious

Welcome to Atelier Basile, the premier Belgian knitwear label. 

Our exclusive, handmade creations are meticulously crafted with the softest, luxurious wool. 

We take pride in offering bespoke knitwear designed for authentic, bold, and confident women who live by their dreams and ideals.

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We're a Belgian brand with a knack for creating limited-edition, hand-knit mohair collections, and it's all in the family! 

A mother-and-daughter duo, both knitwear enthusiasts, sharing a deep love for crafting with the finest wool.

At Atelier Basile, our goal is simple, yet ambitious: to shake things up in the fashion world.

We're all about creating knitwear that resonates with conscious consumers who want to look stylish while making a statement. It's not just about fashion; it's about expressing yourself, your personality, and your values.

Come explore our handcrafted knitwear where sustainability meets style.


In a world

 saturated with fast fashion,

we believe in timeless knitwear that knows no seasons.



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