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shopping event

A Private Shopping Event is the perfect girl’s night out!

Are you interested in hosting a Private Shopping Event at our loft in Herent near Leuven, in Knokke or at your home?


Invite your family and friends for a night of socializing, refreshments, and of course, shopping!

A private shopping party creates a signature atmosphere for a refreshing type of retail therapy. We will take extra special care of you and your guests to ensure you have an exceptional experience and fun time of shopping and socializing.

If you are looking for a fun way to spend time with friends, host a sisterhood event, birthday party, moms night out social, or put a unique spin on your organization’s networking opportunities AND shop for your fabulous wardrobe?


Experience a transformed way to shop by hosting a private party bringing different local women fashion entrepreneurs to your fingertips and maximizing social time with friends!


And the best part, as a host we’ll give you an attractive host incentive bonus. 

Host Incentive: If sales are 300€ - 1,000€, you receive 10% of total sales in free merchandise. If sales are  > 1,000€, you receive 15% of total sales in free merchandise. For example, if you have 500€ in sales, you get 50€ in free merchandise.

Please contact us to book your Private Shopping Event or if you have any questions via the contact button below.

Timing: We ask that events be scheduled a minimum of one or two weeks in advance of your event. However, we are able to adhere to immediate needs if necessary.

RSVPs: As with all of our events, we ask that your guests share their email contact information so we can be assured of guest count in advance of the event.

PRACTICAL: There is no charge to host the party, all the group must do is promote it to your fashionista friends!


We will supply:

- Promotional tools like; digital invitation and other visuals to use on social media or email invite.

- Two glasses of champagne or two glasses of other refreshments (water, orange juice or other soda) for your guests

- 1 Sweet Treat for the guests

- 1 Appetizer for the guests

As the party host & guests you are also allowed to bring in outside food and drinks if you wish.

We will provide the set-up needs such as a table, plates, forks, napkins etc when organized at our location. Parties typically last two to 3 hours & can be booked on any day based on availability!